iProtectu announce partnership with thought leaders Workright

iProtectu are pleased to announce its partnership with Workright, who are thought leaders with more than 20 years of clinical and corporate experience in Mental Health, Soft Skills , Harassment Prevention, Diversity and Leadership

… “Our collaboration with Workright compliments our existing training and development capabilities with additional quality e-Learning courses and certificated programs all developed by experts in their fields. Workright offer transformational courses and some of the best interactive compliance training on the market. ” … states Wayne Beck Managing Director at iProtectu Limited.

iProtectu software is already delivering health, safety, and environmental excellence for its clients with one of the most comprehensive EHS software products available. Its training is certified by the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM) and can be scheduled and delivered by email to participants without the need to login on any device. iProtectu’s innovative approach to safety management and training, saves time, cost and provides an engaging experience for its users.

To find out more about iProtectu software and how it is transforming safety in every business sector visit https://iprotectu.co.uk/

To find out more about Workright visit https://workright.ca/ and look at some of the courses we are integrating into our world class EHS and training software solution.

Here are just some of Workright courses we are offering

  1. Part 1: Overview – Preventing and Managing Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Violence at Work
  2. Part 2: Employee and Leadership Best Practices
 – Preventing and Managing Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Violence at Work
  3. Anti-Discrimination, Diversity & Sensitivity Training
  4. Eating For Life (4-Part Series)
  5. Relationship Roadblocks and How to Repair Them (2-Part Series)
  6. PTSD (5-Part Series)
  7. Managing Addiction (3-Part Series)
  8. Are You Being Heard?
  9. Body Image and Self Esteem
  10. Boundaries: The Secret to Successful Relationships at Work and at Home
  11. Self Defense 101
  12. How To Debrief a Performance Review
  13. Leading Change at Every Level
  14. Principles and Best Practices of Change Management
  15. Foundations Of Successful Leadership
  16. Time Management
  17. Supporting Employee Mental Health: A Program For Managers
  18. Losing Sleep? Here’s how to get those zzzz’s
  19. OCD: Understanding and Dealing With This Painful Disorder
  20. Understand Mental Health Issues in the Workplace
  21. Navigating Life’s Losses
  22. Eating To Prevent Cancer
  23. Food for Mood
  24. Best Practices for Stress Management & Mindfulness at Work
  25. Would You Hire You?
  26. The Power of Effective Body Language
  27. Giving Feedback With Confidence
  28. Receiving Feedback With Confidence
  29. Navigating Politics, Priorities and Time in the Workplace
  30. Smart Social Media Etiquette in the Business World
  31. The 3 Keys to Effective Communication
  32. Conflict Management (3-Part Series)
  33. Managing Depression (4-Part Series)
  34. Dress for Success
  35. Turning Challenging Conversations into Successful Collaborations
  36. Retention Strategies Across the Generations (3-Part Series)
  37. Dealing With Difficult People Effectively
  38. Stress Management in Everyday Life
  39. Managing Anxiety (3-Part Series)
  40. Bullied and Harassed: A Handbook for Recovery
  41. Stress Resiliency Workshop
  42. Parenting: Things Your Parents Never Taught You (3-Part Series)