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iProtectu EHS software provides everything you need to manage your legal compliance. Engaging and beautiful results with minimal effort.

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Why use iProtectu health and safety software? 

Our EHS software fully automates environmental, health and safety compliance to international standards. Ensure your health and safety risks are minimised and your profitability is improved.

Fully configurable H&S software with everything you will ever need in one engaging and simple to use package. As your needs grow so does our EHS software, with no extra costs for additional modules.

Who are we

iProtectu brings together the key resources and knowledge of three companies specialising in EHS software development, health and safety, business intelligence and data analytics.

Our vision is to provide fully integrated, cost effective and simple to use health and safety software tools that enable our clients to engage their entire team.

With a presence in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany we continue to provide robust, proven and engaging products for our clients internationally.

Client testimonials

Outstanding and innovative EHS software product

iProtectu health and safety software is transforming the way we manage all aspects of our environmental, health and safety.

An engaging, innovative, simple to use and very effective product.

Mr Michael Wild, Harrow School

ISO 45001:2018 achieved 

The auditor commented that the H&S software provides a clear and demonstrable framework of continual improvement.

iProtectu health and safety software is used by our entire team and is changing our approach to business.

Outstanding COVID-19 support

The iProtectu EHS software is a truly innovative and engaging product.

The team and the software have also provided us with an incredible level of support through this challenging time.

Mr Edwin Wai, Wellington College

ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier achieved

iProtectu health and safety software has automated our processes and enabled our recent ISO successes. We achieved ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 with this simple and very intuitive package.

It has enabled us to save time, engage our entire team and achieve results efficiently and effectively.

Trusted, proven and effective

Our products are trusted, proven and used on multiple international projects by our clients.
iProtectu are leaders in health and safety software and we are transforming workplace safety.

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iProtectu health and safety software engages people, provides the information they need and delivers performance as a result.
We dont sell modules, we provide configurable integration.

DSE Assessment

Home Working and Assessor Display Screen Equipment

Home-working self assessment.  Save time, valuable resources and minimise lost time due to DSE related injuries. Further information.




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COVID Gateway

Proven employee and workplace compliance tracking solution

Integrated into the iProtectu health and safety management system. COVID Gateway enables employers to bring their employees back into the workplace. Further information.




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Risk Assessment

Beautiful results, minimal effort and full audit compliance

Complete range of risk assessment templates covering site activities, general activities, use of plant and equipment and sector specific risks. Further information.




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Free Health and Safety Resources

A small selection of free to use resources which can be scheduled to teams with our health and safety software.

Please visit our YouTube channel to view a selection of our product videos. Or to access hundreds of other resources with our H&S software, please get in touch with one of our team.

COVID-19 Tool Box Talk

Tool box talk coronavirus training resource raising employee awareness

Email Resource

COVID-19 Risk Template

Risk assessment template resource for COVID-19 risks in the workplace

Email Resource

Vehicle Hygiene Measures

Tool box talk hygiene training resource for drivers of work vehicles

Email Resource

Lone Worker Risks

Tool box talk training resource covering lone worker risk of violence

Email Resource

Stress Management

E-Learning training resource guide for the management of Stress

Email Resource

Young Workers

E-Learning training resource for the management of young workers

Email Resource

COVID-19 Awareness

Free awareness training to support employers with the return to work of their employees

This free resource is also available on our YouTube channel and can be used freely to raise awareness in the workplace.
Users of our software can schedule this training to their teams.

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