The heat is on – working in extreme weather

‘The heat is on’ is a song by Glenn Frey.

It is warm and getting warmer and it is likely to become the new norm with climatic changes. Employers will need to ensure the changing work environment created by the weather conditions is assessed with many sectors of industry currently working outside. Examples including working on construction sites, delivery drivers, confined space work, growing produce, gardening, tourism, farming etc.

The Government have issued a red warning – extreme heat with the following message

Substantial changes in working practices and daily routines will be required’.

Employers need to review and assess the workforce working conditions and implement any changes where there is a risk to workers health.

The following measures are to be considered:

  • Increase workers awareness of the risks of increasing temperatures
  • Plan ahead – Where possible workers should work from home
  • Do not travel by car or use public transport if possible
  • Stay out of the sun and stay cool
  • Hydrate regularly and carry a bottle of water
  • Decrease activity – slow down, no running, sports or cycling activities in the hottest times
  • Seek out shaded or ventilated area when working
  • If there is a need to go out then bring water, use sunscreen, wear a hat and wear loose fitting clothing and only do so in the cooler periods of the day
  • Be aware of signs of dehydration or heat stroke and take action immediately

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