We encourage our clients to use the software without costly training, there is no better way to train yourself than to use it. When software workflows are intuitively simple, use common and familiar web tools they are a success.  Dont take our word for it, listen to what our users are saying.

iProtectu software is not only simple to use, it is also feature packaged and has everything we require to provide a complete management, health, safety and auditing system. The training team provide training on how to use the software, but it is so intuitive and easy to set up and use, the training was not needed. They are one of only a few providers that actively encourage you not to spend funds on training.

John Morton – Vero Technologies Limited


The design stage of the software is focused on the end user. Colour and structured work flow are used to great effect to ensure end user experience. This saves our clients time and unnecessary spend on refreshers or further training.