iProtectu software has risk assessment templates covering site activities, general activities, use of plant and equipment and most sector specific risks. These can then be used and edited to become bespoke to the work being undertaken. The feedback from clients is the ease and speed at which risk assessments can now be completed in a bespoke manner.

Most of our clients  personalise our templates, add or remove risks and add photographs to the risk assessments to highlight any specific hazards.

A picture is a good way to communicate a hazard and particularly useful where English is a second language. Create beautiful results with minimal effort.

Once our risk assessments have been completed they can also be scheduled to users both internal and external with simple to use scheduling and email tools.

Risk Assessments can be reviewed at any fixed time in the software. Most clients set a yearly review while others in higher risk areas set it as a minimum monthly. A user also has the opportunity to review a risk assessment at any point, they simply login in and press review.