Complete control over rights, privileges, data and customisation

Complete flexibility and user control

Our unique approach to branding, controls and rights management gives you complete confidence and flexibility in your data.

  • Features include full branding control of login screens with your images and logos

  • Fully configurable access rights and privileges to ensure users only see what they need

  • HR database and user status monitoring

  • Email notifications and distribution controls

  • All the power you need to control every aspect of the system in easily managed tools

Your data your decisions

All user data is soft deleted with easy recovery by administrators. Add new users, transfer user data and manage rights.

  • Optional two factor authenticated admin access, high level security features and single server

  • Hosted on state of the art amazon web servers with fully encrypted data, local options available

  • Control user groups, departments and single user access rights

  • Produce reports, edit, delete and restore data

  • Comprehensive range of administrator level tools

Making the future of health and safety software beautifully simple

Secure and integrated
health and safety software

EHS software that engages teams and increases performance.

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