Actionable insights

Driven by a feature rich task engine, dashboards provide easy access to real time information.

Powerful task engine and scheduler

Users can create their own reports, templates, save drafts, review their actions, schedule reviews, manage their teams and access any privileged company information.

  • Features include document attachments, email and link-based actions.
  • Create and review real time metrics and reports
  • Core plan, do, check act (PDCA) engine in all the modules, a common requirement of the ISO standards.

Making the future of health and safety software beautifully simple

My Team data in real time

Managers can access their teams information and schedule reviews through My Team.

  • Review your teams tasks, audits, assessments and training
  • Schedule them reviews and actions
  • Create and review Real time metrics and reports

Training Portfolio

Users and managers can review and scheduler training, create their own reports and conduct reviews.

  • Maintain and review a portfolio of training, tool box talks and e-learning
  • Access examinations and certificates.

  • Print, download, email and edit training records

Submission history and drafts

All user data is available through the dashboards.

  • Everything is published to submission history, save drafts and create templates

  • Reports can be shared with automated and scheduled email distribution
  • Export data into PDF or Microsoft Office facilitating automated reporting, real-time information sharing and decision making
Making the future of health and safety software beautifully simple

Secure and integrated
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