What are actions?

Actions are the fundamental unit of management and a vital part of the “Plan Do Check Act” cycle, the foundation of compliance and evidence of a well managed company.

An action should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Time-bound. This idea is usually found associated with appraisal objectives, but as we all know what looks realistic in June can be fantasy by December, so actions should really be completed over a set and relatively limited period of time.


How are actions defined?

There are a number of qualities to an action:

  1. Title: Text that gives the user some means to differentiate the actions.
  2. Start date: When the action can reasonably be started. For instance if a document is published today and needs to be reviewed in 12 months time, it would not be sensible to start this action tomorrow.
  3. Due date: When the action should be finished.
  4. Description: Some text, perhaps including attached documents or pictures that provides context to that action, or hints at how it may be completed.
  5. Originator: The person that initiated the action.
  6. Actionee: The person (not group) that is responsible for the completion of the action.
  7. State: Whether the action is agreed, rejected or neither at this point.
  8. Completion: When the action is completed, the date and any associated comment on the action.
  9. Rejection: Should the action be rejected, the date and any associated comment on the action.
  10. Updates: Information that the actionee feels relevant to the originator as the action progresses.

iProtectu Software adds an additional quality to an action, how it may repeat across time. iProtectu repeating actions are a set of standard actions. with repeat capability over time or occurrences.

With this set of data a rich and fully featured management resource is created, combining state and date information shows the user what they have to do and when, in a clear unambiguous form.

iProtectu built in metrics pages demonstrate management competence and overall control.

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