Accessibility delivers benefits for everyone

Accessibility can be defined simply as the “ability to access” and benefit from software systems. According to numerous sources its fundamental concept focuses on enabling access for people with disabilities. Our experience, development and interaction with clients has found that the benefits of well implemented accessibility have significantly wider implications to us all.

In collaboration with some of the UK and Europe’s leading universities, colleges and schools we have been enhancing our already proven and well established EHS software accessibility and inclusivity technology.

As an example, to meet the requirements for display screen equipment (DSE) it is necessary for an assessment to be undertaken, more often this is completed through self assessment. If the person receiving this request cannot read the text then the assessment will need to be undertaken in person by an assessor. Increased text size, providing choice of colours or use of other assistive technology are all methods of enhancing both the user experience and enabling software that may otherwise be unusable.

Simple text size options will bring benefits to everyone, however designing software that has a focus on inclusive practice delivers so much more.  Our software has been designed for inclusivity and has a a proven track record of success in engaging everyone in safety culture.

iProtectU software includes IIRSM Approved Accessibility e-Learning Course and with user customisable accessibility options can be delivered to everyone.

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