Non Intrusive COVID Test

The test is collected from a sputum saliva sample as opposed to a nasal swab in less than 15 minutes. This is less intrusive and clinically more accurate at detecting the virus.

Key Features

Rapid test kits are supplied by a world leading rapid test provider.

  • Supplied in kits of 25 tests (£390 inc VAT)

  • Test time: 15 minutes

  • Storage temperature 2°C to 30°C

  • Shelf Life 1 year

  • Sensitivity: 97.3%

  • Specificity: 99%

  • Sample type: Sputum saliva swab

  • MHRA Registered and ISO 13485 Certification

  • CE Certification – Declaration of Conformity

  • Clinical Nursing specialist support available

  • Project and quarantine support services

For further information and to learn more about COVID Rapid Saliva testing please see below.

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    Point of Care Rapid Response Saliva Testing

    iProtectu can provide a Non Intrusive Rapid Saliva Test Device, to determine if a person currently has COVID-19 at the point of care in less than 15 minutes without the need to send the sample to a laboratory.

    The COVID-19 test can quickly and qualitatively detect the nucleocaspid protein of novel coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) in human sputum/swab samples.  The specimens are analysed at the point of care without the need for additional equipment.

    Additional Services

    We can provide clinical nursing specialists, GMC registered doctor, administration check-in assistant, positive result quarantine and project management support services if required.

    How is a Rapid Antigen Test taken?

    An antigen test detects the presence of viral RNA. Usually, this requires taking a swab from the nose and throat and then analysing the specimen in the lab using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This new innovative technology now allows sputum saliva to be used instead of intrusive methods such as nasal intrusive testing.

    • It aims to see if the virus is detectable now and is taken to diagnose infection
    • Test following infection to see if the virus has been cleared
    • Screen asymptomatic individuals to detect if they carry virus and are potentially infectious

    These tests are a crucial part of mitigating transmission as we come out of lockdown. We need the ability to detect the carriage of covid-19 and respond to it rapidly. As people return to work and society tentatively re-opens, robust testing programmes as part of a return to work strategy will be key to reduce spread and improve confidence amongst employees and customers.

    Powerful and proven compliance

    COVID Gateway is integrated into the already proven iProtectu health and safety management system and is already enabling employers to bring their employees back into the workplace.

    • World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health compliant
    • Already supporting employers with the challenges of COVID-19

    • Integrated questionnaires, screening, detection and intervention tools

    • Using state of the art cloud-based Amazon web servers it can be deployed quickly, anywhere in the world.