COVID Support Training

COVID is harshly impacting every aspect of our lives: mental health, relationships, physical wellness, and family. In collaboration with our partners Workright,  We’ve put together an amazing 12-course package of courses to help you through these next few months. To find out more about iProtectu Training please visit our training pages.

This package includes

  • Stress Resiliency Workshop
  • Stress Management and Mindfulness at Work
  • Stress Management (3-Part Series)
  • Eating for Life (4-Part Series)
  • Food for Mood
  • Managing Addictions (3-Part Series)
  • Managing Depression (4-Part Series)
  • Managing Anxiety (3-Part Series)
  • Losing Sleep? Here’s how to get those zzz’s
  • Dealing with Difficult People (3-Part Series)
  • Parenting: Things Your Parents Never Taught You (3-Part Series)
  • Relationship Roadblocks and How to Repair Them (2-Part Series)